2023 - Volume 6 [Issue 2]

Letter to the Editor

Recent trends in Indocyanine Green Fluorescence Angiography in the Field of Neurosurgery

Suraj Ethiraj , Soumith Subhash , Udit Bagchi

Page: 113-115

Case Report

Enteric Duplication Cyst Presenting as Volvulus: Two Case Reports

Sopan N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Sachin Ingle

Page: 132-136

Primary Hydatid Cyst of the Breast: A Mini Review

S. N. Jatal, Sudhir Jatal, Sachin Ingle

Page: 183-187

Primary Hydatid Cyst of the Thigh – A Case Report

S. N. Jatal, Sudhir Jatal, Sachin Ingle

Page: 188-192

Transmesenteric Internal Hernia Presenting with Strangulation of Bowel in Adult- A Case Report

S. N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal, Sachin Ingle

Page: 240-244

Surgical Treatment of Anal Incontinence after Cure of a Post-Partum Recto Vaginal Fistula: A Case Report from the "A" Surgery Department of the IBN Sina Hospital in Rabat, Morocco

Condé A. Y., El Mouatassim Z., Ouhammou Y., Djogbe M., Mkira O., Hamzaoui J., Belouch M., Bahadi O., Zahraoui A., Asatach Y., Pr. El Malki H. O., Pr. Belkouchi A., Pr. Ifrine L.

Page: 251-255

Strangulated Pericecal Internal Hernia –Two Case Reports

S. N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Supriya Jatal

Page: 269-273

Obstructed Inguinal Littre’s Hernia: A Case Report and Mini Review

Sopan N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Sachin Ingle

Page: 298-302

Case study

Retroperitoneal Schwannoma: A Case Report

Marwa Sabur , Imad Elazzaoui , Mohammed Lamghari , Mahmoud Dabbagh , Amine Maazouz , Hind Hablaje , Mohamed Najih , Hakim Elkaoui , Sidi Mohammed Bouchentouf , Ahmed Bounaim , Mountassir Moujahid

Page: 87-91

A Rare Case of Phytobezoar Impaction in a Giant Meckel’s Diverticulum Causing Small Bowel Obstruction

Sopan N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Sachin Ingle

Page: 92-96

An Extremely Rare Case of Small Bowel Strangulation Due to Meckel’s Diverticulum

Sopan N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Sachin Ingle

Page: 97-100

Appendicitis Causing Small Bowel Strangulation a Rare Presentation– Three Case Reports

Sopan N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Sachin Ingle

Page: 101-107

Post-traumatic Mesenteric Pseudocyst Due to Bicycle Handlebar Injury

Sopan N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Sachin Ingle

Page: 108-112

Mesenteric Dermoid Cyst in Adult and Review of Literature

Sopan N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Sachin Ingle

Page: 116-120

A Giant Epidermoid Cyst of the Spleen and Mini Review of Literature

S. N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Sachin Ingle

Page: 161-166

Huge Multicystic Splenic Lymphangioma in an Adult: A Case Report

S. N. Jatal, Sudhir Jatal, Sachin Ingle

Page: 171-176

Primary Splenic Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma with Massive Splenomegaly

S. N. Jatal, Sudhir Jatal, Sachin Ingle

Page: 177-182

Gastric Trichobezoar: A Case Report

Conde A. Y., El Mouatassim Z., Kaba I., Ouhammou Y., Mkira O., Tayeb L., El Absi M., Ounani M., Echerrab El M., Alami El F. H., El Amraoui M.

Page: 201-205

Does Abdominoplasty Add Morbidity to Incisional Hernia Repair? Case Series and Review of the Literature

Amine El Harti , Sara Sabur , Ahlam Youssfi , Sarah Karti , Driss Erguibi , Mounia Diouri

Page: 222-230

Complication of a Concomitent Cure of a Hiatal Hernia at the Time of Sleeve Gastrectomy: A Case Report

Kaba I., Condé A. Y., Bakunda Christian , Djogbe M., Raoul M., Sami S., Maen H.

Page: 263-268

Primary Epithelial Splenic Cyst in a Boy: Laparoscopic Management

Sudhir Jatal, S. N. Jatal , Supriya Jatal, Rupesh P. Gundawar

Page: 292-297

Midgut Volvulus Secondary to Intestinal Malrotation in Adult Male: A Case Report and Mini Review

S. N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Supriya Jatal , Ganesh Swami

Page: 303-309

Juvenile Polyposis Syndrome Presenting as Intussusception in Adolescent Girl

S. N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Supriya Jatal

Page: 331-339

Annular Pancreas with Intestinal Malrotation in 12 Years’ Girl: A Rare Case Report

S. N. Jatal, Sudhir Jatal , Supriya Jatal, Ganesh Swami

Page: 340-347

A Case of Retroperitoneal Abscess: Complicated Appendicular Perforation

Abhik Dey , Ranjit Chowlek Shyam

Page: 372-376

Study Protocol

Short Research Article

Audit on Patients Admitted with Fresh PR Bleeding Due to Non-Anal Causes

V. B. Pathirana

Page: 310-314

Minireview Article

The Role of Splenectomy in Hematological Diseases

David Alejandro Malo Ocampo , Lorena Denisse Huerta Orozco , Nahomi Sharon Siordia Cruz

Page: 121-131

Review Article

The Implications of AI in Optimizing Operating Theatre Efficiency

Wiam El Jellouli , Yousra Ouhammou , Mohammed El Gaabouiri , Mohamed Alioui , Houda Nadir , Mustapha Bensghir , Khalil Abou Elalaa

Page: 193-200

Original Research Article

Non-Compliance with the Operating Program: Analyzing the Causes and Consequences: A Case Study

Ouhammou Yousra , Laamri Imad , Maouni Ilyass , Boussaidane Mohammed , Elmoukhtari Kamal , Abou elalaa Khalil

Page: 71-79

Evaluating the Comparative Efficacy of Midazolam and Clonidine as Premedication Agents: Assessing Heart Rate Response and Anti-Sialogogue Effect in Patients Undergoing General Anesthesia

Md. Aseiqur Rahaman , Sazin Islam , Mst. Rahima Arobe Akhi , Sonia Afroz Mukta , Sadia Afroz Rikta

Page: 80-86

Robotic Colorectal Surgery: A Single Tertiary Care Experience

Nagendra Parvataneni , Ishfaq Ahmad Gilkar , Deepthi Kancharla, D. Kiran Kumar , P. Susmitha , Mahesh Chejerla

Page: 145-152

E-Cadherin Expression as a Cell Marker in Benign and Malignant Breast Lesions

Shalini Goswami , Rahul Kumar Giri , Afzal Anees

Page: 153-160

Approach to Acute Appendicitis during Covid-19 Outbreak: One Year Experience of a Single Centre

Nurullah Damburacı , Barış Sevinç

Page: 167-170

A Study on Risk Factors Associated with Anastomotic Leakage in Gastrointestinal Surgeries

Rashiv Bhardwaj , Nasib C. Digra , Narinder Singh , Jyothi Goulay , Ashanka Bhardwaj

Page: 206-221

Prospective Assessment of the Prognostic Value of Different Nutritional Assessment Scores on Short-term Outcome after Emergency Colorectal Surgery

Ahmed Taher, Sherif A. Saber , Sherif M. Elgarf , Mohamed Abo Rayia

Page: 231-239

Geriatric Anesthesia: A Prospective Study on the Prevalence of Comorbidities and Associated Challenges in Elderly Surgical Patients in Bangladesh

Khondokar Shakil Ahamed , Sazin Islam , Sharmin Akter , Shimiown Galiver Mrong , Md. Emrul Kayes , Sonia Afroz Mukta , Sadia Afroz Rikta

Page: 245-250

Hydatid Disease: Long Term, Single Centre Experience

S. N. Jatal, Sudhir Jatal, Sachin Ingle

Page: 256-262

eTEP RS Approach for Ventral Hernia - A Short Term Observational Case Series of Our Initial Experience

Anushtup De , Jaspreet Singh Bajwa , Chandraketu Solanki , Rishabh Jain

Page: 274-283

Tailoring Gynecological Surgical Techniques to Bangladeshi Patients: A Cross-Sectional Study Assessing Global Advancements, Local Challenges, and Post-Operative Outcomes

Rokaya Jebin Binti, Sharmin Akter, Sazin Islam, Suzan Kumar Paul, Mourry Tania, Rima Khatun

Page: 320-325

Ring Finger: Study of 30 Cases and Review of the Literature

Youssef Gam, Hasna Boayechi, Mahmoud Hchaf , Rabie Ayari, Mounira Khezami

Page: 348-353

Multivariate Analysis of Factors Associated with and Predicting Post-Thyroidectomy Hypoglycaemia: Experience of the Surgery a Department at Ibn Sina Hospital

Condé Abraham Y., Ouhammou Y., M. Djodbé , O. Mkira , Hamzaoui J., Asatach Y., Pr Ifrine L., Pr Belkouchi A., Pr el Malki H. O.

Page: 354-360

An Overview of the Incidences of Subcutaneous Emphysema Occurring Post-Tonsillectomy in the Pediatric Population

Sheik Mohamed Hashim Karkala Sheik Kasim

Page: 367-371

Comparison of Early Hospital Outcome in Early Versus Delayed (2 Vs. 8 Hours) Oral Feeding in Females after Cesarean Section Under Regional Anesthesia

Tayyaba Kanwal, Artem Homer , Afifa Saghir , Asma Saghir Khan, Nazish Zulfiqar

Page: 377-384

Systematic Review Article

The Effects on Surgical Gastorintestinal Diseases Urgent Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

David Alejandro Malo Ocampo , Nahomi Sharon Siordia Cruz , Jessica Etzai Castillo González

Page: 137-144

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