Isolated Extramedullary Nasopharynx Plasmacytoma: Neglected Otalgia

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B. Mas Ayu
G. Sakina


Primary isolated plasmacytoma is an uncommon malignancy. However, occurrence of isolated plasmacytoma involving head and neck region is approximately 80% of cases. In head and neck isolated plasmacytoma, symptoms reported includes nasal obstruction, local pain, epistaxis, ear fullness, hoarseness. Occasionally, isolated plasmacytoma may present in the nasal cavity. We report a case of isolated nasopharynx plasmacytoma presenting as otalgia and literature review on presenting symptoms and management of isolated nasal cavity plasmacytoma.

Nasopharynx, extramedullary plasmacytoma, otalgia.

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Ayu, B. M., & Sakina, G. (2020). Isolated Extramedullary Nasopharynx Plasmacytoma: Neglected Otalgia. Asian Journal of Research in Surgery, 4(4), 1-5. Retrieved from
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