Lingual Tonsillolith Presented Mimic Impacted Fish Bone at Lingual Tonsil

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Mohd Ridwan A. M.
Sakina G.
Mohd Amin J.


Lingual tonsilloliths commonly appear on CT and plain radiograph and superimpose nearby mandibular soft tissue.We presented a case of foreign body fish bone embedded in the base of tongue turns out to be lingual tonsillolith.A 41- years-old man presented with 2 weeks history of foreign body sensation in the throat with prior fish bone ingestion.Computed Tomography neck revealed small opacities embedded over right base of tongue of size. This rare case presentation illustrates the versatility of a CT neck in revealing unexpected pathologies.

Lingual tonsillolith, fishbone, lingual tonsil.

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M., M. R. A., G., S., & J., M. A. (2020). Lingual Tonsillolith Presented Mimic Impacted Fish Bone at Lingual Tonsil. Asian Journal of Research in Surgery, 4(3), 15-17. Retrieved from
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