Budd-Chiari Syndrome: An Unusual Complication of Sarcoidosis

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Raja Amri
Rabie Ayari
Mouna Medhioub
Manel Loukil
Haifa Tounsi
Mohamed Ali Sbai


Hepatic involvement during sarcoidosis is common but rarely symptomatic. Budd-Chiari syndrome is an exceptional but potentially serious complication.

A case of 38-year-old woman was diagnosed with a Budd-Chiari syndrome complicating multisystemic sarcoidosis has been reported in present case study. The patient was treated with hydroxychloroquine and long-term corticosteroid therapy with favorable clinical and radiologic outcomes.

Although BCS is an exceptional complication of hepatic sarcoidosis, it should always considered. A Doppler ultrasound should be performed in front of any evocating sign to establish an early diagnosis.

Sarcoidosis, Budd-Chiari syndrome, cholestasis

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Amri, R., Ayari, R., Medhioub, M., Loukil, M., Tounsi, H., & Sbai, M. A. (2020). Budd-Chiari Syndrome: An Unusual Complication of Sarcoidosis. Asian Journal of Research in Surgery, 4(2), 8-12. Retrieved from https://journalajrs.com/index.php/AJRS/article/view/30128
Case study


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