Thumb Reconstruction through Matev’s Lengthening

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Sbai Mohamed Ali
Ayari Rabie
Sbei Feten
Boussen Monia


The thumb has always been considered as the most important finger of the hand with a great role in the function of the hand and particularly in grasping.

Complex thumb traumas often present a reconstruction challenge. While emergency reconstruction techniques of the thumb are limited, several therapeutic procedures can allow a secondary reconstruction after a traumatic mutilation.

We report the case of a left-handed 40-year-old patient, presented with a trans metacarpal amputation of the left thumb caused by a work accident. The damage caused by the injury escaped any microsurgical possibility of conservation. A secondarily reconstruction was performed with lengthening using Matev’s technique, then a confection of the first commissure using a Mac Gregor's flap. The result was satisfactory.

Through this clinical observation, we are reviewing and evaluating the various techniques for emergency and delayed reconstruction of the thumb column. We should always keep in mind that we must fight for the thumb because of its importance in the function of the hand.

Thumb, amputation, osteoplastic reconstruction, elongation, pollicization, toe transfer, resettlement

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Ali, S. M., Rabie, A., Feten, S., & Monia, B. (2020). Thumb Reconstruction through Matev’s Lengthening. Asian Journal of Research in Surgery, 3(4), 11-17. Retrieved from
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