Morgagni`S Hernia Presented with Respiratory Distress and Lead to Death: A Case Report and Literature Review

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A. El Bakouri
K. Sylvestre
I. Hamrerras
M. Bouali
K. El Hattabi
F. Z. Bensardi
A. Fadil


Anterolateral or retrosternal Morgagni hernias are the rarest form of diaphragmatic hernias. They represent 2.5% of all diaphragmatic hernias. Their incidence is between 1% and 6%. They are congenital or traumatic origin. They are more frequent on the right side (70% to 90% of the cases) than on the left or midline and are bilateral in 7% of the cases. These hernias are most often asymptomatic, discovered incidentally during an imaging test. The diagnosis of Morgagni or Larrey’s hernia is made on chest X-ray and confirmed by thoracoabdominal CT, or by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Complications, including strangulation of the colon or stomach herniated by constriction, are rare in adults as in children. The treatment of Morgagni diaphragmatic hernias in adults is surgical. The abdominal approach is the most common and laparoscopy is the technique of choice. Resection of the hernial sac and closure of the defect with mesh for reinforcement is accepted by most authors. We report the case of a patient who died in the service of general surgery department following a Morgagni hernia complicated by the cardiopulmonary collapse.

Diaphragm, hernia, respiratory distress, Morgagni hernia.

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Bakouri, A. E., Sylvestre, K., Hamrerras, I., Bouali, M., Hattabi, K. E., Bensardi, F. Z., & Fadil, A. (2020). Morgagni`S Hernia Presented with Respiratory Distress and Lead to Death: A Case Report and Literature Review. Asian Journal of Research in Surgery, 3(1), 1-6. Retrieved from
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