Obstructed Inguinal Littre’s Hernia: A Case Report and Mini Review

Sopan N. Jatal *

Jatal Hospital and Research Centre, MIMSR Medical College, Latur, India.

Sudhir Jatal

Jatal Hospital and Research Centre, Latur, Tata Hospital, Mumbai, India.

Sachin Ingle

Department of Pathology, MIMSR Medical College, Latur, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Meckel diverticulum is the most common congenital anomaly of the gastrointestinal tract. Any hernia sacs containing Meckel’s diverticulum is called Littre’s hernia. This term was coined after the pioneering work of Alexis Littre, a French surgeon, who, in the 1700s, documented three instances of femoral hernias containing a small bowel diverticulum. Since then, hernias encompassing Meckel's diverticulum have been designated as Littre's hernias. It's a relatively rare variation, making up approximately 10% of all complications associated with Meckel's diverticulum. Among Littre's hernias, around 50% occur in the inguinal region, 20% in the femoral region, 20% in the umbilical region, and the remaining 10% in other locations. Due to its infrequent occurrence, Littre's hernia is usually not suspected, and preoperative diagnosis is unlikely.

We would like to present a unique case involving a 20-year-old boy with an incarcerated Littre's hernia in the right inguinal region, which was effectively managed through wedge resection of the Meckel's diverticulum followed by hernia repair.

Keywords: Littre’s hernia, meckel’s diverticulum, intestinal obstruction

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