Intraosseous Synovial Cyst of Carpal Scaphoid: Case Report and Review of Literature

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Mohamed Othmen Chouchène
Amira Gallas
Hassan Hachicha
Ramla Mghirbi
Mohamed Ali Sbai


Cystic lesions of the carpal bones represent a rare etiology of wrist and hand pain. The localization in the scaphoid is exceptional. Its pathophysiology is not well understood and its clinical presentation is not unequivocal as it can cause pain and swelling of the wrist or be totally asymptomatic and revealed by a pathological fracture or fortuitously.

X-Ray exploration allows making the diagnosis and CT-Scan allows better characterization of the cyst with detection of cortical involvement or joint communication. Treatment is conservative at an early stage and becomes surgical in case of cortical erosion or increase in size of the cyst with persistent pain.

We report the case of a 41-years-oldwoman who presents an intraosseous cyst of the scaphoid discovered fortuitously to study the clinical, radiological and therapeutic aspects of this entity.

Bone cyst, scaphoid cyst, intraosseous ganglion, hand surgery

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Chouchène, M. O., Gallas, A., Hachicha, H., Mghirbi, R., & Sbai, M. A. (2020). Intraosseous Synovial Cyst of Carpal Scaphoid: Case Report and Review of Literature. Asian Journal of Research in Surgery, 3(3), 1-5. Retrieved from
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