Comparative Analysis of Parathyroid Functions among Sub-total Thyroidectomy Patients after Ligation of Inferior Thryoid Artery

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Azhar Iqbal
Noreen Maqbool Bokhari
Mubashir Zafar
Sarfraz Khan Janjua


Background: Thyroid surgery commonly in developing countries. Hyperparathyroidism is major issue after surgery. The objective of study is to compare the occurrence of hyperparathyroidism after sub-total thyroidectomy with truncal ligation versus non-ligation of inferior thyroid artery.

Methods: Study design was randomized clinical trial. Study was conducted in public sector hospital. Surgical patients who were admitted to hospital for thyroid surgery. Participants were divided into two groups through random allocation, thyroid surgery with and without the ligation of inferior thyroid artery Thyroid surgery for group A with ligation and group B without ligation of inferior thyroid artery.  Serum PTH levels were measured on 3rd post-operative day. The group A and B were compared for level of for the frequency of transient hyperparathyroidism.

Results: Mean age in group A was 40.83 yrs (SD = 9.9) and in group B it was 41.34 yrs (SD=8.73). Transient hyperparathyroidism was observed in 6.10% of patients in group A and 7.32% patients in group B and this difference was found to be statistically significant (p=0.02).

Conclusion: Result showed that ligation of artery decreased the risk of transient hyperparathyroidism after sub-total thyroidectomy.

Hypocalcaemia, hyperparathyroidism, inferior thyroid artery, multinodular goitre, recurrent laryngeal nerve.

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Iqbal, A., Bokhari, N., Zafar, M., & Janjua, S. (2019). Comparative Analysis of Parathyroid Functions among Sub-total Thyroidectomy Patients after Ligation of Inferior Thryoid Artery. Asian Journal of Research in Surgery, 2(1), 1-8. Retrieved from
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