Different Methods of Jaw Reconstruction and Implants

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Majid Zolfagharikhorshaneh
Maryam Hassannia
Juan F. SudcalenJr.


Introduction: Jaw bones are one of the most important part of human body, since they play a vital role in the appearance, respiration, speech, deglutition and mastication of an individual. Each year, many people need to reconstruct these bones because of trauma, tumors and congenital disorders. This study intends to investigate different jaw reconstruction methods.

Materials and Methods: The present study is a review-library study was conducted by searching the key words of jaw implants, Mandibular Reconstruction and reconstruction in scientific data bases such as Science Direct, Google Scholar and PubMed from 1994 to 2018.

Results: The results of investigating various researches and articles indicated that action taken in order to fix the jaw problems and defects often are classified into two parts: reconstruction and rehabilitation; however, it worth mentioning that reconstruction part is superior to rehabilitation. The reason behind reconstruction is to use different flaps for therapeutic actions.

Conclusion: There are various techniques for reconstruction and rehabilitation of jaw defects, for example, doing a surgery with the use of flaps for reconstructing the jaw is a promising and very useful method, and using new prosthetics, especially titanium prosthesis, improve rehabilitation of an individual greatly and return the patient’s esthetic appearance to a great extent.

Jaw implants, mandibular reconstruction, reconstruction

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